The Kronik 969

Category: Poems & Literature

Self Portrait

Suppression objectified to domination Oppression subjecting to Frustration Possession personified Regression blocked End of the black board all Chalks on lock Sensitive to joy always Cursing the Smile Repetitive snaps teaming with Guile Unsure of present Future is dim Purest present would be meeting Grim Peripheral poisoned by Past and Sin Non beneficial yet Educating […]

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So what are you proud of? Beating kids, bullying women? Punishing siblings, road fights you’ve won? The more weight you can bench press in gym than that other guy? The harder you can punch someone? How much curse words you know? How much you can drink and smoke? How many drugs you did? How much […]

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Maksad Se Marghat Tak

Khushnaseebi thi wo meri, jo tum sabka sath mujhe mila, Dagmagata hua chalta raha main,koshish karta badhu bina gila, Kashmakash thi un cheekhon mein, jinka gala ghot rakha tha maine, Aawaaz agar tum lete to kehte, itra raha hu main, Khada raha kisi bhi tarah, ada raha jeene ke liye, Asal jeene se tum waaqif […]

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Do You Miss Me?

Because I don’t Your horrifying existence Your pathetic sounds Your self obsessed circumference Of ignorance stays profound Out of words don’t want to pronounce Your still my partner till then I’ll drown But once I decide to swim again You know you’ll suffer scream in pain Blame me again defame me shame But I’ll reign […]

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Dark Matter

You owe me, yes, of course you owe, Take a bow, for your limitless king, Hail the superior, uh, huh, precisely, supreme, Take a bow, for the unholistic halo, You owe me, your heart, your conscience, Your breath, your haunting, Hail the superior, the unconquerable one, Take a bow, for the multiversal messiah, You owe […]

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