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Last Poem of The Decade

Expectations die, crying as they fade Among the nuisances we evade, they decay Faith, breaks down, trembling, stuttering Screaming for help, forsaken, deafening Hope gets buried, it’s enticing, the flurry Slowly it wears, the dirt as we worry The Will shakes up, baffled and betrayed Turns into a myth, to get searched, or slayed Dreams […]

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Nowhere Left To Run

Drowning, every night a little more deeper Your last words, my guardian angel, my reapers keeper You’ve given me all you could, yet I feel so empty Wish you were here, so I could kiss you gently Memories became scars, I love to bleed through them My aching soul crumples, underneath my shenanigans Since you’ve […]

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Jungle Of Lies

Wandering in this jungle of lies I keep searching for your scent The fragrance, the sweet, tender heavenly aroma Your enigmatic, miraculous angelic persona The branches, desperate to get a hold of me Reminding me of your smooth, silky grip The leaves tickle, like your fingers did Slightest touch of the flowers, a rejuvenating kiss […]

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Too Far Away

I opened my eyes slowly, afraid of the light Indulged in the darkness, a mockery of my plight I gather all the courage, left inside my thirsty soul To look at the horizon, where my end, meets my goal Too far away, Shall I move ahead, or just stop and return My every move rewinds […]

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Bad Dreams Come True

The wind whispered Confusion, devoured my conscience Couldn’t make out, what he implied So I sat crippled, my shoulders, holding a mountain My eyes couldn’t blink, mind couldn’t think Witnessing the devil, his grin and his wink Suffering formed clouds, ready to rain over me The beasts roared, as I was a feast, wanting their […]

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Ominous Lullaby Of Bleeding Hearts

A terrorizing tale, pale faces, bleeding hearts Consumed by a force, eternal sunshine, unforgiving dark Fueling the souls, a sorcery, undeniably wicked Flames of desire and untamed lust, tragically scripted Clouds over conscience, mocks every inherited feeling Disrupting the process, challenging, attacking our thinking Could make the dead feel alive and the alive become dead […]

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Forever She Will Last

The scent of her breath haunts me The seduction takes over soon as i think of her Wishing to feel that soft smooth caramel touch again Wishing to indulge into those dark ominous fantasies The beauty of her sinister intent compels me Draws me towards the nectar I’m willing to taste again Our aggression never […]

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