The Kronik 969

Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969 (Indian Independent Rapper and Writer)

Aakash Deep a.k.a Kronik 969

(Independent Indian Hip Hop Artist | Rapper | Writer from New Delhi, India)

Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969, a writer since 2008, have written and performed hundreds of songs as an independent hip hop artist from New Delhi, India. His interest in writing grew as he continued writing songs in English and Hindi for several years. He started writing poems few years back and have numerous published poems consisting writings including dark poetry, romance, relationships, society and mental health etc. Though his content may be disguised as fictitious, but is inspired by real life events and experiences which he has gone through, on the way molding him, rebuilding him into the person he is today. Phases of life can be sweet and sour, yet! he is a firm believer, that his response creates his reality, not what he’s been subjected to.

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