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Fighting With Myself | Kronik 969 | The Awakening | Sad/Emotional Hip Hop/Rap Song

Fighting With Myself | Kronik 969 | The Awakening | Sad/Emotional Hip Hop/Rap Song

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The sudden change in the wind that new smell in the air
I wonder where have I been as I check if I’m clear
Most of the time misunderstood rest of the time I aint even heard
Like a ghost I keep on wandering like I’m lost inside this hell on earth
Hear me out when I’m speaking damn it listen to what I have to say
I’m gifted is what they say when I’m living in a curse that never breaks
I’m losing it I’m tired my conscience is being wired now
My heart feels like a god d**n rock which is constantly being hammered down
Sick of caring for you people I’ve lost my youth in giving sh*t
Now I’ma do what I have to do to get to my goals and leave your sh*t
I’ve made myself brick by brick my consistency cemented it
I’m hated more than I’ve ever been loved I’ve spent my time understanding this
I’ve been at the rock bottom twice or thrice I can’t recall
But I got back on my feet again after every fall like a concrete wall
I don’t grab my balls when I rap cuz I don’t feel a need to show you that
You can know that when you learn more facts about the life I’ve had in my past

No I don’t relax I’ma f***ed up man I’ve bled more times than you’ve been cut
I’ve cried in the nights for whom I’ve hurt I hate myself for what I’ve done
So many times I tried to end this life that felt like a freaking curse
Somehow I made it alive every time I thought I’ve end my world
I’m not a g I’ma simple man but I’ll f**k u up if you f**k with me
I’ve lost it all and still I’m here don’t try to test your luck with me
I’m peaceful till you piss me off but when I get pissed I f**k things up
I don’t wait for karma I become your karma to f**k u up

I hear those voices echoing in my ears all the time
I see them things that you don’t see I talk to them inside my mind
I’m trying so hard to stay within the border line of sanity
I’m losing a part of me every day as I try to live this tragedy
Then I light up a cigarette, breathe out the fire
Knowing it will kill me, guess that’s what I desire
I’m fighting with myself, every day n night, I’m in a war
I’m tired now but it’s not over so I’m trying my best to win for all

Song Credits:

Vocals/Lyrics by Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969
Presented to you by Kronik Media Solutions
Music Anno Domini Nation



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