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Nashe | Drug Addiction | Drug Abuse | Naam Mera Kronik | Kronik 969 | Hindi HipHop/Rap Songs

Nashe | Drug Addiction | Drug Abuse | Naam Mera Kronik | Kronik 969 | Hindi HipHop/Rap Songs

A song describing the mental health issues, depression, anxiety, work load, stress which a person faces and has to deal with or maybe what some call enjoyment or escape by taking drugs, smoking, alcoholism etc to control or release all that negativity inside them caused by peer pressure or work pressure, or maybe reasons like failed relationships, heartbreak etc or probably not getting successful in anything ultimately leading to downfall in physical and mental growth or stability.

Urging everyone not to get caught in addiction, drug abuse, unhealthy use of medicine etc too as what we may perceive as an escape is a very well knit trap made by thee most intelligent spider to catch and devour it’s prey. So listen, share with those whom you are concerned about. Save lives instead of making them addicts etc by engaging in same vulnerable behaviour. I hope and pray we all can make a positive difference in our lives from right now.

Song Credits:
Vocals/Lyrics Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969
Presented by Heavenz Studio

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I work in the genre of Hip Hop/Rap but you will find songs varying from pop, rock, country, old school hip-hop to trap on this channel. I am always looking forward to trying new things and improve as I release each song. I make songs in Hindi i.e my native language and English too.

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