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Paagalpan | Naam Mera Kronik | Kronik 969 | Emotional Hindi HipHop/Rap Song

Paagalpan | Artist Life | Depression – Anxiety – Dedication – Passion | Naam Mera Kronik | Kronik 969 | Hindi HipHop/Rap Songs

The song talks about the passion, dedication, devotion and love of an artist towards his/her art. Which is often labelled as Stubbornness, or Zidd in hindi. The song explains why the art matters to the artist so much and why and how it helps them live a life they wish or need or give them a purpose to fulfill.

It explains it is not being stubborn but finding a friend, a love, a support, an outlet, that no other person can give the artist at all, so they get more and more attracted and attached to the art rather than wasting their life on those who dont even really care about the person.

Often laughed at, mocked, seen with disgust by their own people just because an artist is not jay z, eminem, j cole, or justin beiber, selena gomez or iron man right now in their careers or for indian maybe ar rahman or honey singh or neha kakkar or sonu nigam or arijit or gulzar, shah rukh, salman right now.

Instead of being or giving some support or help, let alone just let them be in peace with what they do instead of filling and forcing or pushing toxic levels of negativity till the point if one is not depressed or suffer from mental or physical illness, one does after such immersive talented pool of support system they have around them we call the hashtag trending society. Or those who say they care so they do this.

Shame on such people no matter who they are or how they relate to the artists. You’re the reason of so many suicides. If you cant agree with this statement, it’s good, doesn’t change my opinion as an artist who goes through this every second he breathes.
Well, saying someone is weak or whatever is like blaming them for your misbehavior, your immoral, sadistic, conformist, damaged thought process, mindset and values which seems like you’re the actual fish giving disease to all organisms in the pond you live.

To all the artists, keep your head up, keep believing in yourself, don’t be ashamed if you fail, try again. Do not give up your life for those who don’t even know what having a life means. Rest In Peace all the legends, greats, artists, who finally gave up or couldn’t somehow take more from the world. I hope their soul is at rest, but I know it mustn’t be. Never Give Up and know that it’s Never Too Late. Peace. Jinko bas bass pr thumke lagane hote, ya sirf ladkibaazi ke gane sunne hote wo ye channel subscribe na karein. Take Care.

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Song Credits:
Vocals/Lyrics Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969
Presented by Heavenz Studio

Contact for recording songs and music production course at the most affordable charges in New Delhi, India.

Song Credits:
Vocals/Lyrics Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered, Music by Heavenz Studio

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