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Paisa | KMS: The Beginning | Kronik 969 feat. Kapoor and Harpreet | Latest Hip Hop Songs 2018

Paisa | KMS: The Beginning | Kronik 969 feat. Kapoor and Harpreet | Latest Hip Hop Songs 2018

This is the first official album from my studio Kronik Media Solutions. The song explores and elaborates how money has intoxicated human nature and guided our actions in an evil way instead of being what it was meant to be. We as its creators shouldn’t be slaves of money. Think about it. The album includes 6 tracks with different, talented underground rappers and singers. I wish them all best of luck in all their endeavors and thank them as their effort made this project possible. I’m grateful to the people involved in this project as the name says it all, it is definitely The Beginning of something really great. Every 15 days a new song will be released from this album while the audio links will be updated as soon as the album goes online on all the stores like ITunes, Saavn, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music and Google Music etc.

Hi, welcome to the official youtube channel of Kronik 969. This channel consists of all the released songs and music videos by Kronik 969. I’m an artist who works in the genre of Hip Hop/Rap but you will find songs varying from pop, rock, country, old school hip hop to trap here. Always looking forward to try new things and improve as I release each song. I make songs in hindi i.e my native language and english too.

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Vocals/Lyrics by Kronik 969, Kapoor and Harpreet
Beat by Ink Heart
Artwork by Mauryans
Mixed & Mastered @ Kronik Media Solutions

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