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Take Action – Stop Rape Now

Take Action – Stop Rape Now – Preventing Violence Against Women by Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969

This song is an aggressive, honest and justified take on how I as an artist and a human being and a citizen of India feel about the rape crisis spreading in my beloved country like wildfire. These heinous acts of inhumane pleasure or violence to prove dominance or feed ego and pride sometimes, amount to so much mental, physical trauma to the victims and even death as many victims are burnt, sometimes alive when almost shaking to death and bleeding as they’ve been tortured in inhumane violent ways by the culprits. Even if the victim survives sometimes, their life is ruined, body and mental strength is ruined, their family and friends also go through so much of trauma with them. Overall, such crimes in my opinion are the most heinous and should be dealt with the harshest punishments by law as possible so the fear of law comes back into the minds of those animals who think they can do anything and nothing bad will happen to them even after committing such crimes. We, India are a country who pray to goddesses and call women and girls incarnation of goddesses to take care of the world and life.

On the other hand with all these rapes, child molestation, human trafficking, bride selling, dowry and so much more, I do feel a need to let my voice reach you all that hypocrisy is never an answer to hide our faults or crimes. We as Indians should be ashamed of ourselves and it’s high time we correct the ways which went wrong and give back women and girls and kids the respect, the honor, the safety, the pride and sense of being treated right again.

If you agree with what you hear in my song about this, please do share with as much people as you can, because who knows, what might strike a positive change in someone and give someone a sense of safety too. We have to prevent violence against women and give them the respect that they deserve as human beings and part of our society.

Thank You. I’d appreciate you all if you comment what you think of this situation we’re dealing with in our beloved country.

Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969

Song Credits:
Vocals/Lyrics Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969
Produced by Anno Domini Nation
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at Heavenz Studio

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