The Kronik 969

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kronik 969

Playful times, twisted intentions
Innocence stolen, ruined in fractions
Grew up, realized, now a disoriented mind
No escape from this labyrinth, cant rationalize
Thoughts capture me, while i lose myself
Memories cripple me, pulverize my stealth
I find solitude in the dark, to keep my calm
Letting silence take over, keep me from harm
I miss my mothers warmth, her lap, i need to sleep
If i can manage, i would love to lay down n weep
Love being a soloist, didnt have any choice
Must let them know, before i lose my voice
Then i think and question, will they ever realize?
Why i scrutinize my existence, every time i open my eyes
Does that really matter? is contemplation even righteous?
I analyze my situations, as i’m learning to be a fighter
Not an ideal material for being an idol to the masses
But check what i’ve learned, knowledge surpassing the massive
Kronik aint a gimmick, this name? defines my life
Neither saint nor a sinner, a dark knight, built on plight

The Kronik 969…

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