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A Mother’s Love

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We take birth, crying, making her smile as her eyes gloom
A bond so strong, that could make gods feel, the doom,
So much care, so much love sincerity and serenity
Leaving vanity, fighting tragedies, lullabies of humanity
She keeps us safe in the nights, close to her heart
Her arms the protector, her breath the warmth
As we lie there in peace, as an open book, to be read
She contemplates the future, the aftermath, what’s ahead
Leads us with her example, makes sure we grow right
Yet, we grow up, move ahead, never looking at her plight
Even gods fear a mother, her scorn makes them look meek
Pity on us adults, who laugh, on our old woman’s physique
Her cries echo in silence, all she wants is one more hug
But we grow up bigger than she realize
So we feel ashamed, in giving her love
She keeps praying for us since we’re born
Till her last breath, let’s rewind our lives back
Do we even respect that?
Love? We only know how to spell that
As we grow up, we think she is immature
She’s the one who knows nothing, how our world was never pure
Not knowing her reality, we believe she’s growing weak
It’s not her age but disrespect, making her believe, she’s obsolete
Still she has the same love, we’ll never know her purity
That’s when she cries for us, but, we fail to show sincerity

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