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Broken In Love

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I used to think that love is the purest feeling a man can have
With a warm heart and a cool mind a sweet smile that never ends
But was I wrong when I thought that you will never leave my side
How pathetic I am now I always screaming and crying
This pain is growing deep down to the middle of my heart
When you left you left a riddle to belittle me as you walked
I can’t understand the real reason behind the way you walked away
Still in shock I keep on thinking why you took my heart
And then locked it away crushed it with your bare hands
And squeezed it till it died became black and lifeless
They say love is priceless love is precious
It keeps away the pain brings us joy that we should cherish
As not everyone gets its taste I say fuck love it’s all fake
But no matter how much hate has evolved inside of me
I can never forget the love I felt when we were together
So let’s not make it worse If we can’t make it better
We can see our reflection in the glass even if it’s shattered

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