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Forever She Will Last

The scent of her breath haunts me
The seduction takes over soon as i think of her
Wishing to feel that soft smooth caramel touch again
Wishing to indulge into those dark ominous fantasies
The beauty of her sinister intent compels me
Draws me towards the nectar I’m willing to taste again
Our aggression never succumbed under the weight of love
Every memory of hers leave me obsessed to devour her serenity
Pure thoughts, maybe not, moreover a satanic ritual
Possessed we drown under lust, loathing and vanity
Wish she was alive but death brought more clarity
I’m more in love with death than i ever was with humanity
Remembrance disorient me at times, vulnerable i gasp
Look at the urn i have with me containing her ash
Forever she will last…’…’…

The Kronik 969…

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