The Kronik 969

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Ominous Lullaby Of Bleeding Hearts

A terrorizing tale, pale faces, bleeding hearts
Consumed by a force, eternal sunshine, unforgiving dark
Fueling the souls, a sorcery, undeniably wicked
Flames of desire and untamed lust, tragically scripted
Clouds over conscience, mocks every inherited feeling
Disrupting the process, challenging, attacking our thinking
Could make the dead feel alive and the alive become dead
Such is the effect of this force, crushing wills, spinning heads
A crowned king before, now a beggar wandering in the woods
As in the depths I move, I hear shrieking owls and cries of wolves
In my dreams she comes, dressed in red and black
Reminding me of our love, my promise and her death
Regret could never conquer me, as the feeling never left
I still carry those emotions, like sparkling gems in my chest
They hurt me as much, as they provide me the strength
To achieve every goal I ever thought of, to go to any length
The power encourages me, motivates me, inspires me
To become the best of me, strong, so none could rattle me
I wait for her tender touch, her serene, warm, innocent kisses
Knowing she’s gone, remembering, she would never leave me
It’s all glorious and dread, the keeper, the reaper, the souls, a test
As the mind, heart and body inter connects
Sending chills down the spine, as two souls, get cursed
Damned to become one, forced to feel blessed
But in the end, it’s all I have, love is my life, love is my strength
I fought but fell, but in the end, it’s only love, that is left

The Kronik 969…

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