The Kronik 969

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Bad Dreams Come True

The wind whispered Confusion, devoured my conscience
Couldn’t make out, what he implied
So I sat crippled, my shoulders, holding a mountain
My eyes couldn’t blink, mind couldn’t think
Witnessing the devil, his grin and his wink
Suffering formed clouds, ready to rain over me
The beasts roared, as I was a feast, wanting their claim over me
The mountains spat fire, like dragons of my dreams
Molting my spine and making it diffuse with my flesh
Perhaps the end was inevitable, I chose not to scream
I let the titans clash, fight and crash, blood and bones never last
It was forever, before I finally blinked
Wounds of the war fresh, deep lacerations
Blood and sweat, dripping on the floor
I stood there, drenched, with a face expressing fascination
The abuse was amusing, the screams sounded like music
Pain was an instrument, which played his own tuning
Confusion ended where it began, the devil started descending
A new beginning, a new day, no demons in surroundings
The sky cleared, with angels soaring swiftly, towards horizon
Bad dreams come true, just a, simple, short, reminder

The Kronik 969…

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