The Kronik 969

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Too Far Away

I opened my eyes slowly, afraid of the light
Indulged in the darkness, a mockery of my plight
I gather all the courage, left inside my thirsty soul
To look at the horizon, where my end, meets my goal
Too far away,

Shall I move ahead, or just stop and return
My every move rewinds my life, has my future begun?
Is it all to remind me, what have I become?
Life taking sharp turns, on the edge of the knife I run
Too far away,

Thinking to resolve the matters, I take a step forward
One step closer I am, from not being a coward
Willingly I will take on, every fight I need to win
It’s killing me, but I won’t blame, I’ve made my thoughts serene
Too far way,

Another step forward, another one left behind
My thirst is getting stronger, with every move I make my mind
How worse can it get? I can justify my right
Forsaken I am left, running to catch the divine light
Too Far Away,

The final breath a gasp of air till eternity
Baffled I drop down on the blood paved road
The darkness testifying my regrets and guilt
Left alone in my kingdom of vain crowned as the king

The Kronik 969…

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