The Kronik 969

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I Am Karma

I keep a check on everything you do
My interpretations are never wrong
A fool thinks it is me who he is fooling
Not knowing it is me who decides his quest
I am linked to you as ink on a sheet
Your steps are words I decide the lines
I am bonded to you more than blood or flesh
Still I keep a distance measured in time
I travel along wherever you go
Not your shadow, I am the friend you never knew
With a heart so gentle I move along
You can’t recognize me when I’m making my moves
I am a teacher, I am a student
I am the judge, I am the culprit
I am the witness, I am the law
I am the love, I am the claws
Your deeds teach me how to react
I’m not stubborn but the righteous one
I am the one who can fight for you
I am the one who can watch you burn
Hello my dear friend I am KARMA
I am here with you, was with you before
Will remain beside you, keep ignoring me
I will always be here to even the score

The Kronik 969…

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