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Jungle Of Lies

Wandering in this jungle of lies
I keep searching for your scent
The fragrance, the sweet, tender heavenly aroma
Your enigmatic, miraculous angelic persona
The branches, desperate to get a hold of me
Reminding me of your smooth, silky grip
The leaves tickle, like your fingers did
Slightest touch of the flowers, a rejuvenating kiss
I stop by the place, where I feel warm
Trapped, in this baffling storm, I keep faith, in your charm
The sound of thunder, seems like your screaming
To reach out to me, look in my eyes and see me
The lightning, strikes just beside my feet
You want to stop me, have me there, and keep me
I hear the nightingales singing their song
While your lovely voice echoes, through my soul
The rustling of leaves beneath my feet
Tells me that you’re hurting, your wounds are sore
The wind whispering my name, are you calling me?
I won’t resist, I am falling in
This loneliness weathers my existence
Alone I hide in my honesty
I hear the river cutting through this jungle
Giving life, nurturing it, sweeping the plight, nourishing the sick
Flowing like the thoughts in my mind
Vitalizing this heart of mine, making it beat
Then again, the jungle talks to me, sympathizes, listens to me
What’s vandalized is in the past it says
But if you need to talk, you can come to me

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