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Nowhere Left To Run

Drowning, every night a little more deeper

Your last words, my guardian angel, my reapers keeper

You’ve given me all you could, yet I feel so empty

Wish you were here, so I could kiss you gently

Memories became scars, I love to bleed through them

My aching soul crumples, underneath my shenanigans

Since you’ve been gone, I’m living dead with you

It’s hard to feel something, when I’m not with you

I go out more now, attempting to indulge

Make more friends they say, it’s rare I consult

I talk a lot more, laugh my heart out

Slaughtering my tears, I don’t let them reach out

They say I’m so bitter, I guess better is misspelled

I have no shelter, I’m just being compelled

You were my world, now I’m lost in the unknown

Scavenging, wandering, a king dethroned

Your secrets, buried inside, feel like thorns

Lacerating my flesh, since you’ve been gone

A destroyer in a time, now the one destroyed by time

Life is funny, it gets us every time

Used to crack jokes, now I’m the joke they laugh at

The past is behind me, but I’m not able to pass that

Mask off mask on lights off lights on

You’re the trigger, I could never get my hands on



I’m caged inside the walls you built

Pain, pleasure, audacity and guilt

Blood, tears, lust and filth

Addicted I live feeding on spilth

Revelations morphed me, expectations fooled

Submission wasn’t a choice, I was being schooled

I look back, all I see is the dark

Flaunting its win, mocking my heart

Stripping me nude, while I’m surrounded by cynics

I wish to be born again, just like a phoenix


Nowhere left to run, there’s no escape from you

Nowhere left to run, there’s nothing I can do

Nowhere left to run, trapped I scream and cry

Nowhere left to run, with only you I feel alive

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