The Kronik 969

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Last Poem of The Decade

Expectations die, crying as they fade
Among the nuisances we evade, they decay
Faith, breaks down, trembling, stuttering
Screaming for help, forsaken, deafening
Hope gets buried, it’s enticing, the flurry
Slowly it wears, the dirt as we worry
The Will shakes up, baffled and betrayed
Turns into a myth, to get searched, or slayed
Dreams wake up, struck by reality
Too many strikes, they lose their morality
Smiles change proportions, twisted and torn
Contortions of mind, stinging of norms
Tears dry up, they blame our concern
We miss them sometimes, they never return
Love shapes itself, into vile and the dark
Implode it whispers, to the tired heart
Goals crumble, pummeled by needs
No matter who we blame, it’s all our deeds

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