The Kronik 969

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Bloody Crown

I bleed misery tragedy crowned me its king
Apocalypse slithers down in tears
The horizon is way too far
I’m bound in never ending fear
Burning like a star
My conscience cock like a gun
So I shoot like a soldier
Defending my reality the ominous calamity
I don’t lose patience now
I chose to be calm
So content these days
Making my demons bow
The devil asked me what I want
My answer was pain
God questioned me once
He’s now living in vain
My friends think I’m off beat
A wounded wolf disguised as a sheep
Tasting my own blood I started loving the taste
I don’t fear my fate my whole life I’ve been a disgrace
Every end is a beginning and beginning’s an end
I don’t hate the light but I chose darkness as my friend

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