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Just Like Me

The innocence, blossomed through your irresistible voice, as your pain reminded me of times I fight, to forget

Yet, now, I got fond of those brutal memories
Just so I could feel you better, affected by affection, afflicted, conflicted by regret

My mind tricked me, as my weak heart, desperate to beat, longing for love, rushed into the core of my tormented soul

Listening to you, wanting you to never stop, feeding my soul with each word of your agonizing stories, you shared, as if, you really cared

I thought I’m nourishing my soul, you’re healing it, revealing that I too, am lovable, I too can love, related to you so much, I saw my own self in you, the pain, the wishes, the innocence, the despair

You’re so much like me, but I’ve evolved, we’re too late, I still care but I can’t destroy, what I built, just to feed you falsely

I love you, as you’re just like how I once used to be, was amusing till your wrath, began killing me, I’m sorry

I can’t feed a monster, my attempts are just bringing one in me, I want the best for you, when you realise, call me

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