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Little Did I Know – Not A Poem

Being Righteous only gets you pushed and kicked down to the dirt, till you finally stop believing in doing the righteous. Along with that, you lose hope, faith, beliefs that you lived on for so long. And all this destruction in your life makes you give up on people, family, friends, and everything you ever loved or made you smile.

You end up a true loner. Feel extremely irritated by everything that you ever knew in life. Still, somewhere back in you mind and deep down in your heart, you make a deal, a deal with yourself that it’s alright. You are paying for your sins.

Sins which were caring, loving, doing good to others, not exploiting anyone or hurting them on purpose. And you finally agree, that you’re fake, as you’ve been told by the preachers of hypocrisy, diplomacy and exploitation.

So all that’s left in you, is a prayer to whomsoever, to give you more pain and agony and torment you soul so bad, that you never ever, be this righteous, caring, loving person again ever, in any life.

In conclusion you accept defeat, embrace punishment, and long for just giving up on this highly educated diplomatic world that grows like a parasite inside your soul making you a zombie in control of its heinous teachings.

Then there are not much options,
1. Become what you fought to not become your whole life.
2. Lock yourself in your own world and agree to all that you lost your sanity because you’re weak.

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