The Kronik 969

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Social Distancing

Wonderful, I thought I have you all with me
Supportive, Informative, Helpful
Amazing, I thought, I have you all with me
Playful, Joyous, Unadulterated
Shocking, I thought, You all left, one by one
Irritated, Disgusted, Fearful
Believable, I thought, As you blamed me
For Chaos, Ego, Sanity
Redundant, I thought, Your return, apology, plight
I’m better alone, as I’ve moved on
I don’t return to be chewed on
Being Righteous, my Crime, Being brittle, your Prime
Being Truthful, my Vice, Being Liars, you’re Wise
My Simplicity, seems too Complex
As it Attacks, your Vulnerable Flex
You’re not needed, you’re Weak
Even my Silence, isn’t Meek

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