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The Truth About Corona Virus Pandemic/Covid19 2020

Economic Depression bigger than great one. Anyone telling you anything less. They think you’re dumb as shit. If you agree with them, you’re the cause. Unemployment already ahead ratewise. Hold china accountable now hold all your country health services responsible hold world health organization responsible as they waited to tell truth for a trade deal. Lol… Roflmao…

No its not a joke but I can’t stop laughing… Middle Income sections will pay more taxes more unemployment cuz govt aint gonna provide or the lost money cash flow is almost dead already. China buying more and more stakes in property in countries and companies worldwide. Thats expansion. While we sit here kidnapped in our homes cuz of flu.

Well alright different flues kill more people daily than corona is killing. Ya’ll got corona already. There are trillions of viruses in you already. If they want to show you positive they’ll show. Cuz its there. Just like cancer. It don’t affect you till it reached certain levels. Now think about what all we eat drink smoke n shit so how n why human immunity is going down as we evolve. We allergic to f^cking everything. Lol…

Cashless society? To drain you of freedom and subjected to you only having what governments will give. You in lower section you make it still. You rich you make it. You middle class? Watch this get real soon. Message me then. Thank you.

I hope all I just said comes out fake and wrong. Ya’ll should pray for that too…

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