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Anatomy of a Broken Heart

Anatomy of a Broken Heart

Diagnosis says Heartbroken
Heart whimpers sobbing quietly
What did I never did rightly?
My beat was on rhythm I thought?
What didn’t I realise? I was bought?
Maybe I should’ve been a slave?
Beat accordingly as my master says?
Rush the blood if my master allows?
Let it bleed out? Till my master’s aroused?
My master? Who is it?
Is it the body I beat in?
Is the body that bought him?
Is it the one carrying me around?
Is it the one with those documents I’m bound?
What did I do wrong?
I did what my owner told
Not whom I beat inside
But the one by whom my carrier’s harassed and owned
When I weep and crumble my carrier’s called weak
I think atleast allow my carrier to live and breathe
My carrier calls me dumb now
It blames me for being good?
Now even I feel, I should’ve listened to mind
So my carrier could atleast remain mine
Understanding it’s reality I asked forgiveness from my carrier
I told it to believe I didn’t conspire it’s burial
What hurts me and makes me beat slower and slower
Is that now my carrier knows it can’t go any lower
It is what it is my carrier told me last night
It said you didn’t do wrong and asked for mercy from plight
My carrier begged me “Heart, please quit on me”
Nothing ever hurt me than what my carrier said to me
My beats aren’t in rhythm anymore
Unable to purify the blood I’m sore
I feel sick I can’t run as I used to
Now I know what my carrier feels
Every second it’s pushed through
My carrier has more heart than myself
Even being a heart in real I don’t have my carrier’s stealth
I hope my carrier’s allowed to breathe freely
So it and I can be what we are not some contractual treaty

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