The Kronik 969

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Dark Matter

You owe me, yes, of course you owe,
Take a bow, for your limitless king,
Hail the superior, uh, huh, precisely, supreme,
Take a bow, for the unholistic halo,

You owe me, your heart, your conscience,
Your breath, your haunting,
Hail the superior, the unconquerable one,
Take a bow, for the multiversal messiah,

You owe me, your known, the unknown,
Your realism, your hypothesis,
Your clarity, your obscurity,
So take a bow, for the ununderstood, virility,

You owe me, your soul, your wings,
Your scrolls, your kings,
Your being, your corpse,
Now take a bow, for the untamable horse,

You owe me, your time, your rules,
Your knowledge, calculations,
Your tuning, your dimensions,
So you must bow, to the god, you never consider,
No matter how you try, your left, bewildered,

You owe me, you always will,
I am the one, you’ll never catch,
You can’t track me, how are you going to trap me,
You won’t ever envision, how I operate,
So bow down, there is no other way,
You’ll remain my slave, no matter how much you’re brave,
Just bow down, I’m above your grades, above the states,
You believe to be untouched, unscathed,

You owe me, I am the dark, you fear as unknown,
You owe me, I am the dark, you preach to be known,
You owe me, I am the dark, you can’t create or murder,
You owe me, I am the dark, you will never relate like a mother,
You owe me, I am the dark, the father of everything,
From finite to infinite, from forward to rewind,
From nothing to all and all to nothing,

I am the dark, the matter that’s unseen,
The mighty, the ruler, the god and the devil,
I am the dark, the matter, to whom you don’t matter,
Your supreme, your answer, your medicine, your cancer,
I am dark matter, I am dark energy,
I am everything to be feared, everything to be preached,
Take a bow, you’re not what you like to believe,
You’re a waste product, of my creative spree.

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