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So what are you proud of?
Beating kids, bullying women?
Punishing siblings, road fights you’ve won?
The more weight you can bench press in gym than that other guy?
The harder you can punch someone? How much curse words you know?
How much you can drink and smoke?
How many drugs you did?
How much stable you are emotionally?
How much you not care or understand that
Different isn’t obviously weak, that different isn’t always bad,
That different isn’t always low, and weak to you, might not be so,
In aspects you’ll never understand, or even try to,
So know if your pride is in physical prowess only,
You’re more of a moron, living in a bubble,
And bubbles my friend, aren’t known to be strong.

So what are you proud of?
Your color, your smile, your hips, your size?
Your shape, your height, how beautiful you are to sight?
When will you understand, beauty lies in perception,
Can be vaguely combinated, never to be precise,
That black can be beautiful, broad can be too,
Plump can be blissful, short can be too,
Small can be wonderful, wide can look brillant,
Know that looks don’t account, for the pride you misunderstood,
You’re more of a moron, living in a children’s book,
And most of those are tales to fall asleep,
Not wake up and witness the reality that creeps,
If you believe beauty is pride then everyone should be proud,
When you meet your end, they just see your shroud.

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