The Kronik 969

Aakash Deep aka Kronik 969 (Owner/Director – Heavenz Studio)

Aakash Deep a.k.a Kronik 969

(A Hip Hop artist from New Delhi, India)

Aakash deep aka Kronik 969 is a hip hop artist, writer and an entrepreneur. He has been working on his art since last one decade. A person who has an “always ready to help you”, attitude with a vision for empowerment of artists and arts, wherever he goes or whomever he meets. A learner, have improved his skills with time and is now set to share his experience and lessons with his listeners or readers and make them realize the reality of life, of time, of our mind, heart and soul.

Heavenz Studio is a recording studio owned by Mr. Aakash deep aka the Kronik 969 who is an artist in the field of music and writing since a decade.

We provide services like recording, mixing & mastering, video production, music production, song artworks and photography to our clients at reasonable charges according to our clients requirements. We also provide music production courses for interested students on Fl Studio and Logic Pro etc.

Enjoy Best Of The Kronik 969 till the next release: