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Social Distancing

Wonderful, I thought I have you all with me Supportive, Informative, Helpful Amazing, I thought, I have you all with me Playful, Joyous, Unadulterated Shocking, I thought, You all left, one by one Irritated, Disgusted, Fearful Believable, I thought, As you blamed me For Chaos, Ego, Sanity Redundant, I thought, Your return, apology, plight I’m […]

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Little Did I Know – Not A Poem

Being Righteous only gets you pushed and kicked down to the dirt, till you finally stop believing in doing the righteous. Along with that, you lose hope, faith, beliefs that you lived on for so long. And all this destruction in your life makes you give up on people, family, friends, and everything you ever […]

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What Would You Say, If I Tell You

What would you say if I tell you Those fights, those arguments The tears shed, the sleepless nights That pain, that torment The trials, the questions, the selflessness Were all so I can be with you The loneliness, the escapes The avoiding, the distaste Those curses, those breaks That strictness, that chase Were all so […]

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Just Like Me

The innocence, blossomed through your irresistible voice, as your pain reminded me of times I fight, to forget Yet, now, I got fond of those brutal memories Just so I could feel you better, affected by affection, afflicted, conflicted by regret My mind tricked me, as my weak heart, desperate to beat, longing for love, […]

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Haan, Tum Sahi Ho

Part – 1 Meri galtiyaan Bahut saaf si dikhti hain tumhe Lagta hai nazar tumhari behtar ho chuki Meri nazar mein dosh tha Jo tumhe sahi paya Wo dosh ab itna badh chuka ki Tumhari galtiya mujhe Meri hi lagne lagi hain Dil bhi tumhara saaf hai Dhool to mere dil par chadhi hai Tumhe […]

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Bloody Crown

I bleed misery tragedy crowned me its king Apocalypse slithers down in tears The horizon is way too far I’m bound in never ending fear Burning like a star My conscience cock like a gun So I shoot like a soldier Defending my reality the ominous calamity I don’t lose patience now I chose to […]

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Last Poem of The Decade

Expectations die, crying as they fade Among the nuisances we evade, they decay Faith, breaks down, trembling, stuttering Screaming for help, forsaken, deafening Hope gets buried, it’s enticing, the flurry Slowly it wears, the dirt as we worry The Will shakes up, baffled and betrayed Turns into a myth, to get searched, or slayed Dreams […]

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Nowhere Left To Run – Aakash Deep

Drowning, every night a little more deeper Your last words, my guardian angel, my reapers keeper You’ve given me all you could, yet I feel so empty Wish you were here, so I could kiss you gently Memories became scars, I love to bleed through them My aching soul crumples, underneath my shenanigans Since you’ve […]

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Jungle Of Lies

Wandering in this jungle of lies I keep searching for your scent The fragrance, the sweet, tender heavenly aroma Your enigmatic, miraculous angelic persona The branches, desperate to get a hold of me Reminding me of your smooth, silky grip The leaves tickle, like your fingers did Slightest touch of the flowers, a rejuvenating kiss […]

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